About us

CLASH Lausanne was founded in 2018 after four medical students sent a survey to their peers, which showed that more than half of those who had answered had, like them, been confronted with sexist situation(s) in their curriculum.

We are fighting for fundamental change within our hospitals and our society. Whether it’s working directly with medical students through skills training on the theme of sexism, or with workshops, events and themed evenings that are open to all.

We advocate a respectful and appropriate working and training environment for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religious affiliation.

Our aim is to provide support to victims and witnesses of sexual harassment.

Any problematic or inappropriate behaviour can be reported to us anonymously via our online platform or our telephone hotline. We are here first and foremost to listen, help and provide support to people who are victims of such behaviour. In addition, by working closely with the management of various hospitals and medical training institutions, we can take more concrete action.


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