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CLASH Genève is a project of the AEMG (Association des étudiant.x.es en médecine de Genève), the aim of which is to raise awareness and communicate about the problems of sexual harassment and sexism experienced by students in their workplace and at university. Following Lausanne, the Geneva’s section was created in 2021.

This project is open to all medical students at the Faculty of Geneva. Currently, 14 people are members of CLASH Genève, from the 1st to the 6th year of medicine.

CLASH Genève has worked with a number of associations and institutions since it was founded.
Firstly, we get a lot of support from the University of Geneva. We have a real alliance with the teachers in charge of evaluating internships in the 4th and 5th years of medicine, with whom we discuss how to prevent sexist attitudes and harassment in the internship environment and how best to support victims.

We also collaborate with the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Gemève (HUG), which is providing us poster space for our prevention campaigns, and which is allowing us to develop prevention workshops for HUG employees. We also work together with the departments responsible for staff welfare and equality within the hospital.

Within the AEMG, we contribute to other projects such as Medsexplain, the university’ sexual health project, and Parmed, the mentoring project for students in different years of medicine.

We also collaborate with the Médecine Genre et Equité association, which is a collective of physicians and professors working and fighting for gender and equality issues within the faculty and hospital.

Finally, we work closely with other CLASHs throughout Switzerland.

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