About us

CLASH Bern was officially founded on March 8th 2023. So far, we have been working on creating a platform, where students can anonymously report, if they were affected by or have witnessed sexual harassment or sexism during their education. The link for the reporting form will be available here shortly!

Meanwhile you can turn to the Universities of Bern Counselling Centre for professional support or you can contact vsao Bern if you have questions about legal issues.*

If you’d just like to talk about your experience with peers, don’t hesitate to contact us by mail. Also, we are always looking for people to join our association! In the future we are planning on organising workshops and discussions about sexual harassment and sexism in the medical work environment, creating posters to raise awarness about the topic and so forth.

*Note that in order to get full access to services of vsao, it is advisable to become a member, which is free for medical students

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